Preparation For Roofing Project

My house right now is about 30 years old and is located in a cold climate. This means the winters are brutal now and I even get to hear rattling from the top and that is awful. I am not even able to sleep because of it.


I have been preparing to start a new roofing project that would look into making changes. The roof is made out of shingles, so I would have to get rid of them first. I would then have to replace them with either new shingles or another material


If I go with the shingles, it will be easier to replace them because the groundwork has already been done for the material. If I end up putting the new material, I have to do the groundwork and that might be tough.


I am thinking about it and right now there is a lot on my mind. I also have to figure out how I am going to pay for the materials because they will cost me a lot. At least, I am saving a bit on the labor and that is nice.


I can do the work on my own and that does save hundreds.

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